Assignment Agreement Between

The responsibility of the assignee depends on the contract concluded at the time of the assignment. As a general rule, however, the agent has a discount obligation with an owner. With the limitation of the estate comes the obligation of the agent to fulfill certain obligations of the federal government, e.g.B. to pay the rent. Similarly, the owner retains the obligation to enter into alliances for the maintenance or repair of the country. Unless the contractual agreement is otherwise provided, the assignee is generally not assigned more rights than the assignee and the assignee may remain responsible for the performance of the contract vis-à-vis the original consideration. The speedmaker often delegates tasks in addition to the rights to the agent, but the assignee can ultimately remain responsible. 6.7. The agent is aware and agrees that during the term of the contract, the partner has the right to make changes or enter into additional agreements to the loan agreement, without the prior agreement of the agent, provided that such changes or additional agreements do not result in changes to the borrower`s payments due to the loan contract or the postponement/deferral of maturity dates, with the exception of changes in the monthly payment date initiated by the borrower. When new laws are passed or current laws are amended after the contract is concluded, or the government or local authorities have made a decision requiring the partner to make changes to the loan contract resulting in changes to the borrower`s payments as a result of the loan contract or the renewal/deferral of maturities, the agent accepts that the partner makes such changes without the prior consent of the agent. The partner agrees to notify AV Marketplace of these changes introduced at least ten (ten) working days before it comes into force, while AV Marketplace notifies the agent within ten (ten) working days of receiving the notification from that partner and the agent recognizes it as mandatory.

A person may also cede their rights to Dener, which are due to a partner in a partnership. However, the assignee cannot obtain any of the rights of the assignee in the implementation of the partnership.