Cancel Finance Agreement Within 14 Days

You have different rights to terminate a consumer credit contract. The extent of your retraction rights depends on whether the lender has provided you with all the information it needs in its “disclosure statement” (see “Information to be provided to you” in this section): as long as you have proof of the date of your correspondence that informs the lender that you wish to terminate the contract and none of the above circumstances that could nullify your right to retract. , is applicable. You should be good at your right to terminate the agreement. Learn how to terminate a contract without being sanctioned. If you buy goods or a service, you enter into a contract with a supplier. The supplier must deliver the good or service, and you must pay the purchase price. This contract cannot be broken for no good reason – you cannot terminate it simply because you change your mind. For goods, you have 14 days schedule to terminate the contract, from the day you or someone acting on your behalf received the goods.

For services or the provision of digital content, you have 14 calendar days from the date you entered into the contract with the provider. The retraction period may be longer if the seller does not provide you with some basic information related to the transaction (for example. B information on the right of withdrawal). However, remember that the end of your car financing contract does not automatically mean that you withdrew from your contract to purchase the car. In this case, you have to find another source of money to pay for the car. So if you use credits to finance the purchase of a car for example, you can terminate the credit contract, but you should still pay for the car because you have a contract with the car dealer to buy a car. The seller must also provide you with a retraction form that you can use. If you decide to cancel, you should close it and send it back to the seller. Also keep proof that it was sent (for example.

B a copy of an email or booking certificate as well as a copy of the cancellation document).