Direct Primary Care Membership Agreements

The American Academy of Family Physicians supports the choice of physician and patient to provide and maintain health care in any system of ethics system, including discontinuation of CPD practice. Join hundreds of primary care physicians and physicians interested in the CPD payment model as they gather for this annual major event organized by AAFP, ACOFP, FMEC and the DPC Alliance. Whether you`re new to DPC or ready to take your practice to the next level, you can be part of an exciting and growing movement that is revolutionizing patient care. The Primary Direct Care (CPD) model provides family physicians with a reasonable alternative to charging fees, usually by charging monthly, quarterly or annual fees for patients. This fee covers all or most primary care services, including clinical and laboratory services, counselling, care coordination and comprehensive care management. Primary and concierge direct care is not synonymous. DPC allows family physicians to take care of the entire person while reducing the surcharge and negative incentives associated with charging fees for third-party fund managers. Among the benefits of CPD for physicians: See the overview of primary direct care, learn more about the basics of the CPD model and get answers to frequently asked questions. Free for Members” As some services are not covered by a retainer, CPD practices often suggest that patients acquire a highly deductible sheathing policy to cover emergencies. Developed by AAFP DPC experts and filled with user-friendly resources. Now in a mobile format, with a collection of courses that focus on the most important aspects of planning a DPC practice. Are you considering putting the DPC model into practice? We can help. CPD benefits patients by providing substantial savings and increased access to physicians in a timely manner.

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