Mpkby Agent Agreement

Authorized officers appointed under this system receive ASLAAS-5 cards from the government. Investor should succeed in order and obtain the printed card prescribed by the agency during the deposit in the national deposit funds of 5 years recurrent deposit account through an agent. The agent must deposit in the copy of the depositor`s card for the monthly money that is deposited into the 5-year deposit account of the National Savings at the Post Office. Applicants are advised to check the deposit in their account book if they are returned by the agent after the deposit. The agency is limited to screens for and get investments in national savings 5 years recurring deposit account. Only one woman (called Agent Mahila) who is a sufficiently educated place of residence can be appointed as an agent under this system. The management of the accredited agency system, including appointment, renewal and oversight, has been entrusted to the government. Individuals who wish to be appointed as agents under the agency system should contact the board of directors of their territory, i.e. the director, the small state economies, the district collector of the district in which the applicant resides.

In some countries, the BDOs/Tehsildars have also designated the authority vested in the name of the authority vested in the right of the investment sement under mpkby. Authorized agents are entitled to pay commissions on recurring deposits they have deposited into the national savings account for 5 years at the rate that can be disclosed by the government from time to time. A certificate from the Authority, which contains the details of the agent and the validity of the Agency, is issued by the authority vested in the board of directors to the designated agent in accordance with MPKBY. Mahila Pradhan Khestriya Bachat Yojna (MPKBY) The agency system was set up by the government w.e.f. 01.04.1972 with the objectives:-.