Order Agreement In Italiano

Decisions by WTO bodies on the Information Technology Agreement are available in the WTO`s Analytical Indexes of Law and Practice Guide. The order that the customer sends over the Internet to GustoTipicoItaliano must be fulfilled in all items (personal data and correct contacts) and must contain the necessary elements to identify the customer and the products ordered as well as the indication of the place of delivery. . GustoTipicoItaliano reserves the right to cancel the order with a relative communication with the customer in case of incorrect compilation (such as addresses, data, etc.) or not to account due to the malfunction of the portal and to return the amount, including shipping costs, in case of use of gift cards, discount codes, etc. Only the amount paid in cash, credit card, etc., will be reactivated and returned. GustoTipicoItaliano will send the customer an email confirmation of the receipt of the order. The customer is required to read the messages on the house and read the information to make the order (before the sequel) based on “Commander”, where he finds everything about the delivery method and timing. In chaotic times, the news is laid on the house, the customer is required to see before the end of the order, Christmas, Easter and other casual moments. During the summer, due to public holidays or too hot, the delivery time is indicated on the house, i.e.

no shipments will be made during this period, but the customer can place the order and get it in order of arrival when the shipments are resumed. When the Customer places the order during the mailing suspension period, he agrees to obtain it after the return of the shipments in the order of arrival, so that it is under no circumstances necessary to refund or cancel the order. In accordance with Decree 206/2005, the Buyer has the right to return the goods ordered within 14 days of receiving the order by notification of gustoTipicoItaliano within 14 days of receiving this goods. GustoTipicoItaliano only accepts returns of goods in good condition and in the original packaging. For these reasons, we advise you to always indicate an address where someone is always there to receive the package. The right to remove in writing products that are threatened with deterioration and damaged products within 24 hours of receiving the goods via our e-mail service in gustotipicoitaliano@gmail.com. Work on this topic is being reviewed by the participants` committee for the extension of trade in information technology products.