Tablet Rental Agreement

Any change in the content of an order or contractual agreement must be agreed. 20.2 All guarantees, conditions and other conditions under the law or common law are excluded from the agreement, as far as the law allows. In the event of a customer`s credit delay, Tablet Rentals Limited is allowed to withdraw from any contract and agreement with the customer without notice and without a customer`s claim for compensation. 17.1 Unless otherwise stated, rental fees exclude all taxes. If additional taxes or state charges were to be introduced or if the rate of an amendment to the applicable tax or state were to be applied, FELLO reserves the right to adjust the rental fees to include such changes or new government taxes. 6.3 The tenant understands and agrees that if FELLO chooses to pay a fee, including, but not just the down payment and/or upfront rental fees and/or credit card rental fees, or whether FELLO uses the company`s credit card mentioned above to deal with late invoices, or if the tenant otherwise authorized the use of the credit card, all bank fees related to the use of the credit card plus the 3 per cent administrative charges the amount calculated. These bank and administrative fees will not be reimbursed. 3.2.4 Good maintenance of the (s) Rented tab you must take care of the tab (s), keep it in good condition and in good condition, and reimburse the company for all the additional costs it represents. In particular, you cannot use the tab in any of the following conditions or for any of the following purposes: Place the tab (s) near combustible or dangerous goods, as well as toxic, corrosive, radioactive or other harmful substances, carry anything due to its smell or condition, damages the tab (s) or causes the company to waste time or money before it can re-rent the tabs, connect all accessories (subject to prior authorization from the company), unless the company, re-lease or use by others perform illegal activities or cause damage to equipment, personnel, software loss or accident.

Delete the SIM card provided in the tabs, open the inside of the tab or remove all labels on the tabs. The following lease conditions apply to contractual relationships between Tablet Rentals Ltd (“we” or “us” or “our”) and its contractual partners (“Renters” “Customers” or “You” below) for the use and rental of audiovisual devices, software, applications and accessories, subject to the terms and conditions and confidentiality policies set out in these Terms of the Site. 8.6 The parties understand and agree that due to frequent upgrades to electronics and software, FELLO has the right to provide devices that are an upgrade of what or these devices indicated in the invoice or invoices, with the agreement that upgraded devices must have the same or better performance as the devices mentioned in the invoice or invoices and do not have additional rental fees for the tenant. In the case of such an upgrade, the tenant will be informed as soon as possible in writing (usually by email) of the details of the upgrade before the device is made available to the tenant. The Tenant recognizes that this policy must be part of this MRA and that it is an amendment to the MRA and is used to modify the devices and replacement costs mentioned in it. All late charges and replacement fees associated with modernized equipment apply mutatis mutandis. b) repairing the equipment in question; or (c) reimbursement of the rental costs of the affected devices for the relevant part of the rental period. 3.2.5 Legal use of the tab (s) You agree not to use the tabs for illegal activities under Indian law.