Trade Agreement Between India And Mauritius

In order to promote trade and economic relations between India and Africa, the ministry regularly reviews trade relations through institutional mechanisms such as joint Commission meetings, joint trade committees and joint working groups. Talks between India and Mauritius resumed last year after the two countries settled their differences and signed the DBAA. – Getty Images/iStockphoto Bilateral trade has grown from about US$7 billion to nearly US$67 billion over the past 20 years and “has enormous growth potential in the years to come.” “The CECPA negotiations between India and Mauritius on trade in goods and services are over. The agreement is about to be concluded,” he said. India-Maurice (or indomauritic relations) refers to the historical, political, economic, military, social and cultural ties between the Republic of India and the Republic of Mauritius. Ties between India and Mauritius date back to 1730, diplomatic relations were established in 1948, before Mauritius became an independent state. [1] Cultural affinities and long historical relations between the two nations have contributed to strong and cordial relations between the two nations. More than 68% of the Mauritian population is of Indian origin, best known as Indo-Mauritien. India and Mauritius are cooperating to combat piracy, which has proven to be a major threat in the Indian Ocean region, and Mauritius supports India`s position against terrorism. [2] Free trade agreements | India is linked to Mauritius The draft free trade agreement between India and Mauritius is about to be concluded, with both sides concluding negotiations on the pact, the trade ministry said on Wednesday.

Only the chapter on trade in the products of the Preferential Trade Agreement (EPA) has been finalized. This chapter includes: Countries enter into free trade agreements to facilitate the exchange of goods and services among themselves. This is usually done by removing or removing trade barriers, such as tariffs and quotas, that these countries would have imposed on these goods and services. India is finalizing the draft free trade agreement with Mauritius, which aims to further strengthen economic relations between countries, Trade and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal said on Wednesday. The comprehensive agreement between India and Mauritius will improve foreign direct investment (FDI), international trade in goods and services, and general economic cooperation between India and Mauritius. The Minister said that India would be happy to cooperate more closely with the African Free Trade Area in the near future. The proposed comprehensive agreement between India and Mauritius for Comprehensive Economic Cooperation and Partnership (CECPA) aims to help both countries in trade in goods and services, he said.