Vccs Transfer Agreement

A list of non-federal transfer agreements between community colleges and some four-year colleges and universities can be included in the Virginia Education Wizard. The GAA or Guaranteed Admission Agreement is a document that provides a clear transfer route for students who acquire AA, AS or AA-S degrees from VCCS College or Richard Bland College. Students who follow the GAA and meet all the conditions of the agreement will receive transfer authorization to Mason starting in the fall of 2014. GAA admission is available to students who obtain a first bachelor`s degree. Students with a bachelor`s degree are not eligible for admission according to GAA. Students must have an associated degree with an average of 3.0 degrees and meet the required financial requirements. The grant is applied to tuition at a four-year college or university in Virginia, either in public or in private. (The scholarship allocates $1,000 to all eligible students, and an additional $1,000 for students working in engineering, mathematics, technology, nursing, teaching or science. an additional $1,000 can be earned for students who pass through Norfolk State University, old Dominion University, Radford University, University of Virginia – College at Wise, Virginia Commonwealth University or Virginia State University.) How do I know if I`ve been offered gaA for a regular transfer? The transfer module is considered a whole, not a course mode. Students who do not have transferable credits for the entire module will have their registration information evaluated from one course to another and will be able to see gaps in the completion of The General Education of Virginia Tech (Program for Liberal Education) based on the selected courses.

Similarly, students already enrolled at Virginia Tech should apply course-by-course rules and not expect parts of the transfer module to be transferred as specific components of Curriculum for Liberal Education. As stated in Sections III, F and G of STATE POLICY ON TRANSFER, students with transfer module credits may still be required to take specific courses for general (or minor) requirements, even if they overlap in the areas of general education (liberal education curriculum). VCCS equivalency courses that meet these requirements are listed in the “Race Equivalents” document on the`s admissions site, in the “COLL” column for the college curriculum. Students are subject to the applicable requirements at the time of submission of the letter of intent. Additional education and training requirements are set out in Section IV of this agreement. Semester during which students can be transferred under the agreement: all guaranteed admission agreements require students to obtain a transfer association diploma in order to benefit from the benefits offered by the contract. This is the University of Virginia`s contribution to the state transfer policy, approved by the State Board of Community Colleges and the State Council of Higher Education. It is designed to inform academic advisors and potential transfer students of our transfer policies. What is the difference between “regular transfer entry” and “GAA entry”? Community Colleges in Virginia offer students a transfer to four-year colleges and universities in the community.

The national admission guarantee agreements between Virginia Community Colleges and four-year colleges and universities appear below. GAA candidates must present A, B or C grades in each course indicated on academic transcripts.