Written Telework Agreement

The most important thing is that the agreement should be signed and dated by the manager. Managers and TMOs are encouraged to store copies of all telework agreements. Telework contracts are living documents and should be checked by the supervisor and employee and signed regularly, preferably at least once a year. New telework agreements should at least be concluded when a new relationship between employees and managers is established. For more information, check out your telecommuting policy, the telework coordinator or the TMO. You can find your telecommuting coordinator by browsing OPM`s work-life contact base. In addition, refusal or dismissal should include information on when the employee can reapply and, if so, what steps the employee should take to improve the employee`s chances of approval. Denials should be provided in time. Executives should also review the Agency`s collective agreements and telework policies to ensure they meet all applicable requirements. The federal government is at the forefront of the use of innovative employment regulations, such as telework. In June 2014, President Obama issued a presidential memorandum entitled Enhancing Workplace Flexibilities and Work-Life Programs to help attract, strengthen and retain a talented and productive workforce in the 21st century.

Although telework is only one of the workplace flexibilities highlighted in the memorandum, the emphasis on these efforts provides further impetus for the implementation of the requirements of the Telework Improvement Act 2010. Telework is not a worker`s right, even if the employee is considered “legitimate.” Telework applications may be rejected and telework contracts terminated. Managers should avoid the distribution of work on the basis of “availability” in relation to physical presence. It is also important that managers avoid the trap of thinking that someone who is present and looks busy actually does more work than someone who is not there. Good performance management practices are essential for telecommuting to work efficiently and fairly.